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'THE HORSE' Appreciation Post.

I’m just going to say it. Going to go right ahead and say it. The Horse Watch is the reason for my generous Christmas bonus this year. The sole reason. Well, that - and I'm super cool.

These bad boys have been such a wonderful addition to the store, and are also the reason I played postman this summer. Yes that’s right, I hand delivered your online orders to the post office before work. Was a bit of fun to play Santa for all The Horse fans out there!

Let’s talk about these watches in specifics. Created by another husband and wife power duo, Scott & Amy Hawkes from Sydney, the simply elegant time tellers are an inexpensive luxury. There are three styles and we are lucky to stock all of them. Each style is handcrafted with grass fed leather, and literally comes in every shade of a neutral coloured rainbow.


Here they are in all of their glory:


The Original has predominately been our best seller. I would assume due to the large range. The wonderful thing about this style is that its price tag doesn’t challenge its aesthetic appeal. I’ve had people purchase two because of this, and because they’re as indecisive as I am every meal interval. This style also serves many purposes. Black & Rose Gold is a head turner, as is Blush & Rose. Yet, all black teams well with your active wear!, and Tan & Silver is perfect all day, every day.
A true winner!


The Classic was the initial style to be released. With a higher price tag, I am sometimes questioned, as it is quite smaller than the Original. You’ll come to see why when taking closer inspection at this style however. Its attention to detail is really beautiful. A small, neatly placed seconds hand resides on the glass face of the watch. And unlike the raw leather finish of the other two styles, The Classic displays a complete appearance, with stitching on either side of the band. It really is a fine-looking, timeless piece. This style is perfect for your daughter’s first special watch, or your wife’s birthday. A keep forever kind of item. This style is also a perfect alternative for those with smaller wrists - a common occurrence in store.


The Stone Collection makes the pupils dilate and the pulse quicken. Created from raw materials, this gorgeous pair feature a marble face in either black or white. The stone dials 'were lovingly produced from a raw stone sheet cut and polished to a low sheen.' No two watches are the same with this collection, with stone being a natural product offering various patterning in every time teller. This is often a really nice surprise in store for customers when they are able to decide between a handful of the same style, enabling a unique purchase.


As mentioned earlier in the blog post, these beauties are all available to order online on our website. We'll even express post your order with free shipping! 

So there you bloody 'ave it! Our ageless and very sexy Horse collection. A style for everyone, and they even tell the time. 


Jess Greer

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