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Hello, hi, aloha, suppppppp, welcome!

This is a pretty exciting time for our little boutique in Bendigo. We already grace you with our online presence in Facebook, Instagram and our official website. Today marks the day we include our newest addition to the squad – the humble blog. 


  1. 1.
a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

This space will be utilised to give our friends (you lot) updates on what’s happening in store. Promotions, brand and product information, fashion trends and more will be shared. This platform will allow the reader to gauge a more thorough knowledge about us in a personal and hopefully humorous way. If the owner Kane was writing these, we’d have a problem with the humour element - he likes dad jokes.

As this is our first ever blog post for The Meadow, some introductions must primarily be made for you to see who we are, and what individual assets we bring to the business. (Keep an eye out for Quinn’s profile; she gets the hard sales. Impressive.)

So. Without further ado, I present to you - our good looking crew. Wow I just wrote that.

KANE: (owner)

Don’t let first impressions fool you. Although the tattoos, gangster rings and often-black attire scream BADASS, this regular face you’ll see from Tuesday until Saturday is a big softie at heart. Kane is a business mastermind and has brought this place from strength to strength since the day it was born, 6 years ago. He also does design work, so a jack of all type lad. They’re a rare breed these days. Lastly, Kane’s brand knowledge is out of this world! If you’re in the area, be sure to pop in and see the man behind The Meadow!

MATISSE: (owner)

You know when people say ‘that person could wear a paper bag and they’d look good?’ Well, excuse the metaphor – but that’s Matisse. Kane’s better half is uber cool, and is amazingly talented at product purchase for the store. This lovely lady is also a handy hairdresser, enjoys art and craft time with Quinny, and has legs for days.

QUINN: (CEO in the making)

Quinny Barri is a hilarious, bold and witty three year old. The eldest daughter of Kane & Matisse enjoys re-arranging the children’s racks. She also likes to play with Boris, our stores guard dog. Her most recent work includes styling our Christmas themed window, and selling Kester Black nail polishes to herself. She actually strutted in this morning & declared "I'm ready for my photo Jess!!" We love Quinn!

PIXIE: (newest member)

This sweet little thang is the Barri’s new pride and joy. At present, she isn’t doing much sales work but her smile alone melts the customers into a buying frenzy. She is the reason that Kane is pretty prominent on social media these days. #daddysgirl

JESS: (Sunday gurl & this very blog's writer)

You’ll see this young lady behind the Meadow Counter on Sundays. She sacrifices big Saturday nights so that Kane & the gang can go to the park on Sundays. She is also the writer of this blog page, so you’ll get to know a bit of her personality each week. Jess is finding it difficult to write this paragraph in third person. In store, she loves chatting to new faces and tends to be a bit of a jet with the Horse Watch sales…if she doesn’t say so herself.

JANET: (not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom)

Janet is Matisse’s mum, and you will find her here in store when times are busy. Oozing coolness, you’re in luck when you run into her on shift! Ask her about anything ALPHA 60 and try and leave without a hint of envy for her style. I guarantee it’s impossible.


So that’s the A Team here at The Meadow, Bendigo. We are really looking forward to sharing a bit more about us & our store each week through this blog.

We appreciate feedback and any questions you may have. In fact - we would love it! There is a contact button on the top right of our website's homepage, should you feel the need to ask Jess if she’s single (she is) or why Kane is bald.

Thanks so much for reading, and see you for blog number two next week!



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