Last Saturday saw a pretty exciting day for the city of Bendigo. The highly anticipated art exhibition at the View Street Gallery debuted it's showcasing of gold icon and sexxxx symbol, Marilyn Monroesies. 

This exhibition brings light to the objects and artefacts that belonged to the magnetic movie star. It also highlights 12 unprecedented films from Marilyn's career over the years. What we're most aroused about here at The Meadow however, is the display of FASHHUNN

A lot of what's on display at the exhibition are costumes and replicas of which Marilyn wore in her films, wardrobe test photographs and even garments from her personal collection.

I did some digging into what the big time babe sported during her days off, and was pleasantly surprised to see a bit of Meadow style shining through as per the facts.

Marilyn often wore neck plunging attire, halter dresses, all that glitters etc. But a lot of her weekend wear saw only neutrals, with the exception of a lil red number. She would wear a classic button up white collar top, with high waisted blue denim. Or she opted for white or beige 'slacks'. We soooooooo have that covered. Onya Maz.

Below is our Cheap Monday Disarm shirt, teamed up with our Assembly Spectrum Cotton pants. Top right is our Status Anxiety Antiheroine Clutch in Black Croc.


White button top, beige pants, black clutch                         

I was also pretty chuffed to see that she wore shades of forest or earthy tones, as our new drop from Melbourne brand, BUL gave us this stunning Reum Dress in Moss Green. Marilyn rarely wore loose fitting clothes, so generally a thick belt would be utilised to accentuate her waist. A wide brim sunhat with cat eye sunglasses were accessories of choice, as was red nail polish or red lipstick.


What the dazzling movie star was mostly known for was indeed those curves. It was more often than not she would rock a strapless or lowly cut neckline dress - again highlighting her hourglass figure. When she wasn't wearing neutrals, Marilyn enjoyed a spotty dress or a striped blouse. Our Vanishing Elephant Wrap Dress in Big Spots is a lovely example of a Marilyn wardrobe staple.


Located just a hop step and a leap away from the gallery itself, we really couldn't resist but be apart of the hype. And in true Meadow style, we quirked up that window as best we know how....


Jess Greer

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